Spictex International

Spictex International invites you to experience the taste of freshness and real flavor of Assam and Darjeeling. We bring to you a natural and refreshing variety of Tea.

Maharaja Selection Tea

Enchanting our customers with our outstanding performance, we take pride in presenting Maharaja Selection to our customers. It is processed by skilled experts to ensure there is no drop in the level of quality. The features of this product, like no impurities and rich aroma, make it an attractive option. For nominal rates, it includes Coral Darjeeling Tea, Masala Tea, Maharaja Assam Tea and Sapphire Green Tea.

More About Maharaja Selection

  • Selection of four Most premium Indian Teas
  • Coral Darjeeling Tea
    • Bold Darjeeling tea leaves with tips , Coral has an extraordinary redder color with an extreme flavor which settles right into your taste buds leaving you Euphoric and refreshed for the rest of the day.
    • Our Coral is a Special and one of the most premium clonal Darjeeling black tea.


  • Sapphire  Green tea
    • The ultimate tea in Green teas, from very closely guarded clonal bushes, The cup has a combination of floral and subtle fruity aroma.
    • Green Tea is gaining popularity in the West with Its unique flavor, coupled with numerous health benefits has created a universal appeal. Casual tea drinkers have turned into staunch believers who swear by its cup.


  • Masala Tea
    • Maharaja Masala Tea contains a blend of the exquisite Indian traditional spices and premium quality Assam tea to give you the perfect cup of freshness and ecstasy .
    • Strongly brewed cup helps you to break the monotony and relaxes your mind.
    • Maharaja Assam Tea
    • with its large leaves Assam tea  is known for its body, briskness, malty flavor and strong , bright color with a touch of fruitiness provides you with a cup to reinvigorate yourself.
    • The strong tea with reddish brown color is considered to be helpful in increasing mental alertness and cancer fighting.


Type Herbal
Style Dried
Shelf Life 1 Year
Grade Superior
Purity 100%
Storage Cool & Dry Place